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Ceramic/Sintered Stone

Sintering is a manufacturing process that has been around for a long time. It is a method to create objects from powders, including mineral, metal, and ceramic powders.

As such, sintering has been traditionally used for manufacturing ceramic objects, but there are common applications found across many industrial fields. It is basically the process of using natural materials in powder form and processing them, usually under heat, pressure, or both, to create a desired product.

In the case of sintered stone for building products, stone and other natural materials are ground to a powder and subjected to specific heat and pressure to produce the desired end results.

These surfaces have many benefits including the following:

They are waterproof, have high resistance to scratching, UV rays, high heat or freezing temperatures

We have all of the display stands and samples in our display room to view.

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Ceramic/Sintered Stone

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